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ESP32-Servo-CAM with ANNEX32

A bit of ANNEX32-BASIC-code to control an ESP32 based pan/tilt servo CAM. No ARDUINO-Code, no compiling … just run the interpreter on the ESP32-device and develop, change customize your BASIC-script with your browser in the web interface of the device. My intention for the hardware and software was: “Keep it simple”. So I stacked two […]

ESP8266 Hour Glas

I created this project some time ago as an example for newbies to ANNEX RDS, a BASIC-interpreter that runs in an ESP8266 or ESP32 . A clock – both analogue and digital …  … consisting of – ESP8266-Wemos-D1-Mini, – TM1637 4digit 7-segment display – SG90 mini-servo and some cheap peripheral components like – a LDR […]

ESP32 Airplane Banner

If someone thinks I like clocks of all kinds … he might be right A project with a dot matrix clock of CiccioCB, the author of ANNEX32, an ESP32 BASIC-Interpreter,  inspired me a little.So I went back to my late childhood, spent a couple of hours gluing a model airplane together … added some soldering […]


eCO2-Traffic-Light A cheap Traffic-Light-style gas detector (ESP32 + CCS811 + 3 LEDs) that gives an indication of when to open the windows in a room with a lot of exhaled and thus possibly polluted air. The intention of this project was to have a simple device that gives an indication of when to open the […]

Kinetic object clock with NeoPixel-Ring

A hardware and software project for a friend who loves clocks in all variants. It has  two concentric NeoPixel rings and some moving parts to form a kinetic object that can even display time in an old-fashioned „analog“ way :-). Hours are displayed on the inner ring, minutes and seconds on the outer ring.The electronics […]