Magnetic Levitation – The VERY Easy Way

A very simple analog circuit for levitating small objects, which is the essence of many enlightening technical discussions and the result of experiments with some analog or digital prototypes. The analog electronics now even fit in the housing of a modified “Finder”-relay! I wrote <here> and at Elektor Labs about my experiments with my magnetic […]

Magnetic Levitation – Digitally Reloaded

In the two articles “Magnetic Levitation – The Easy Way” and “Magnetic Levitation – The digital Way” I described how to build a circuit that can keep a small object well in levitation. Only readily available components should be needed for both set-ups and the electromagnet should be as simple as possible to produce. ############# […]

Magnetic Levitation – The Digital Way

Magnetic-Levitation-Object that needs only … an ESP32Pico M5Stack „ATOM LITE“ or „ATOM MATRIX“ a modified simple 5V-relais and a HALL-sensor A1302/A1308. The wooden carrier is made of an embroidery frame. After I had successfully built up a “Magnetic Levitation Object” in conventional analog design and described that in article “Magnetic Levitation – The Easy Way” , I […]

Magnetic Levitation – The Easy Way

A MAGNETIC LEVITATION project with no special but only standard components – including a modified cheap standard relay as the electromagnet – powered with only 50mA@5V from a USB-Powerbank A floating object is always a fascinating eye-catcher that I like to put on my desk. Many conversations at this table got off to a nice […]