My dear wife asked me to provide the kitchen spots with a “non-Alexa” switch in order to be able to turn on the lights even with floury or sticky fingers.

When experimenting with ESP32 modules, especially the ESP32 CAMs, I wish I had a little more WIFI range reserve.This could be achieved by adding an external antenna – but only a few modules are prepared for the connection of an external antenna. The resulting financial and mechanical outlay is also no longer negligible and may […]

This eCO2 monitor  indicates poor air quality via a  local NeoPixel-LED-Strip, via a Webinterface and via a TELEGRAM message produced by a built-in telegram bot . Hardware: Required are an eCO2-Sensor CCS811 and an ESP32 -SoC-module – preferably an M5Stack “ATOM-matrix” or “ATOM lite”. with a build-in NeoPixel-strip… The Hardware components get placed on a […]

A very simple analog circuit for levitating small objects, which is the essence of many enlightening technical discussions and the result of experiments with some analog or digital prototypes. The analog electronics now even fit in the housing of a modified “Finder”-relay! I wrote <here> and at Elektor Labs about my experiments with my magnetic […]

A bit of ANNEX32-BASIC-code to control an ESP32 based pan/tilt servo CAM. No ARDUINO-Code, no compiling … just run the interpreter on the ESP32-device and develop, change customize your BASIC-script with your browser in the web interface of the device. My intention for the hardware and software was: “Keep it simple”. So I stacked two […]

In the two articles “Magnetic Levitation – The Easy Way” and “Magnetic Levitation – The digital Way” I described how to build a circuit that can keep a small object well in levitation. Only readily available components should be needed for both set-ups and the electromagnet should be as simple as possible to produce. ############# […]

I created this project some time ago as an example for newbies to ANNEX RDS, a BASIC-interpreter that runs in an ESP8266 or ESP32 . A clock – both analogue and digital …  … consisting of – ESP8266-Wemos-D1-Mini, – TM1637 4digit 7-segment display – SG90 mini-servo and some cheap peripheral components like – a LDR […]

If someone thinks I like clocks of all kinds … he might be right A project with a dot matrix clock of CiccioCB, the author of ANNEX32, an ESP32 BASIC-Interpreter,  inspired me a little.So I went back to my late childhood, spent a couple of hours gluing a model airplane together … added some soldering […]

eCO2-Traffic-Light A cheap Traffic-Light-style gas detector (ESP32 + CCS811 + 3 LEDs) that gives an indication of when to open the windows in a room with a lot of exhaled and thus possibly polluted air. The intention of this project was to have a simple device that gives an indication of when to open the […]

  Often a hobby electronics engineer with his great circuit projects remains quite unnoticed by his family and friends. The understanding and the appreciation of non-electronic engineers for e.g. a self-built oscillator or a servo control is not very big . However, I have always received a lot of praise and appreciation for my Tranquili-T […]